APL+WIN and the internet II

APL+WIN and the internet II

Post by Graham Ste » Mon, 07 Jun 2004 04:35:35

Thanks to some invaluable help from Brent Hildebrand I have achieved my
objective of writing an APL+WIN web server to do all I set out to do as
described in my previous post. Brent was the only person to come up with
some real help something I have found to be a very rare event in this news

For anyone interested the most difficult problem turned out to be the fact
that my ISP dynamically assigns me a different IP address every time I
connect. However discussions with my ISP indicate that they should be able
to provide me with a permanent address for a small fee. Job done!!

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2. APL PLUS II & Windows Help files

Can I open a Windows help file (*.hlp or *.chm) from my DOS version of
APL (APL PLUS II, version 5)? How?

For some years I maintained a help file using the APL PLUS native help
mechanism but it is clumsy enough -- even with a few personal tools
that I wrote -- that in fact I've not found the energy to add to it for
a year. Eventually I'll migrate the whole application to Windows APL,
and as part of that migration I've lately been exploring the Windows
help mechanism. It just occurred to me that it would be nice both for
me and for the users if the Windows help file could be used from the
DOS product in the meanwhile.

Thanks for any tips.


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