ASCII file to binary file conversion?

ASCII file to binary file conversion?

Post by pius_fun » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:52:17

Hi there,

I ftp-ed a microsoft word document but forgot to transfer it using
binary mode. Is there a way (programs? utilities) to convert the
ascii file back into binary file so that it is usable again? The
original file has been deleted.


ASCII file to binary file conversion?

Post by Stephen J. » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:33:59

I've never looked at the Word format, but if it uses all eight bits of
a byte, and the ftp transfer stripped the high bits, you may be trying
to build a tree out of sawdust. If the high bits are used only for
special formatting characters, you might be able to recover the text
as a pure ASCII file, import it back into Word, and manually
reconstruct the formatting. Have you tried changing the filename
extension of the munged file to .txt and looking at it with a plain
old text editor, like Notepad, or with a hex editor?


ASCII file to binary file conversion?

Post by ppnerkDELE » Thu, 11 Dec 2003 23:26:40

Alternatively, have a squiz at the file with Vern Buerg's LIST
< ;
which will happily read any sort of file, displaying any readable text
and using symbols for non-text characters (and you can toggle a HEX
view ON/OFF if you're fluent in hex ;-).

Even the older (freeware?) versions listed under the "Utilities" link
at the bottom of that page should be able to do the trick. The two
newer versions are Shareware and Demoware, but I doubt that you will
need the latter 30-day demo of List Enhanced (unless your file is
bigger than 16MB :).

Mind you, LIST is typical bloatware at a full 26KB and runs in a DOS
window under most (all?) versions of Windows, so may not suit you. ;-)

Cheers, Phred.


ASCII file to binary file conversion?

Post by J. Yaze » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 06:39:11


What's the name of the file? Maybe some other location has it.