BASIC bugs [Was: Powerbasic, Visual Basic or other?]

BASIC bugs [Was: Powerbasic, Visual Basic or other?]

Post by ppnerkDELE » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 19:34:39

This is one of the issues I've often wondered about with "boutique"
BASICs (and even more so if they're freeware ones) -- How can one be
sure there are not fairly fundamental bugs lurking around ready to
bite, and probably when most damaging (as Murphy ensures)?

Many (most? all?) bugs are detected by users, which means that if a
version has relatively few users then bugs are likely to go unexposed
for quite a long time.

Of course, this problem is not restricted to BASIC. Any other
languages or applications with relatively few users (therefore
"boutique" versions in this context) will suffer from the same doubts
about hidden gotchas. Or am I being too pessimistic?

Cheers, Phred.


BASIC bugs [Was: Powerbasic, Visual Basic or other?]

Post by news » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 20:23:07

I certainly wouldn't want to criticise 'freeware' products, some of
which can be excellent, but it's a very valid point. I have always
taken the issue of bugs in BBC BASIC very seriously indeed, and not
just because I have paying customers who might demand their money back!
Serious bugs (which I'm pleased to say are very rare) are always fixed
immediately and more minor ones in the next scheduled release.

It's for this reason that I have always made updates to the latest
version available free of charge. However old your copy of BBC BASIC
for Windows, right back to version 1.0 in the fall of 2001, you can
update it to the current version free. However many extra features
each major new release has, it is bound also to include a few bug
fixes. As I don't believe in ever charging for bug fixes, I never
charge for updates.

When comparing products you should consider this aspect as well as the
headline cost.

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BASIC bugs [Was: Powerbasic, Visual Basic or other?]

Post by Gary R. Sc » Thu, 17 Aug 2006 22:34:26

[SNIP stuff about bugs in BASIC implementations...]

From this I assume you don't know that there were many bugs in MS BASIC

Man/most/all(?) were put there by Bill.

There is a story that someone who had run across one of these egregious
bugs, a "sort routine" that effectively did nothing, and was having a
bit of a "who'd write this sort of crap" to the others when Bill wanders
through, looks over his shoulder, and sheepishly says, "I wrote that."

The m *** of this is that even commercial products have bugs, many of
which remain in the product for ever, effectively.

Some of the bugs in C compilers I've dealt with, from the likes of IBM,
HP and MS, over the decades have led to me producing some strangely set
out and #pragmatised code.

Gary B-)

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BASIC bugs [Was: Powerbasic, Visual Basic or other?]

Post by brooks.tim » Sat, 02 Sep 2006 22:12:18

What about realbasic? I seen in there show case a 3d fight sim that was
build on there software, that might worth a try, and of course it
compiles on Window, Mac, and Linux so that would be a added bonus.