Source code formatter?

Source code formatter?

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has someone code to format Realbasic code as HTML?


Six thousand functions in one REALbasic plug-in. The MBS Plugin.
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2. Jindent 4.0 - Java Source Code Formatter released

Dangberg Software Solutions, author of the Java source code formatter
Jindent, announces Jindent 4.0 available immediately. A major milestone
has been achieved by supporting more than 300 formatting options and
all language features of Java 5.0 including generics and all other
language extensions.
Additionally Jindent 4.0 introduces a new improved GUI design and
native installers for all major operation systems.

The Jindent 4.0 formatting engine has also been significantly enhanced
and now includes important new functionality as full-control sorting
support for all Java source code fragments. Important algorithms for
line wrapping and comment handling have been redesigned and improved

Another enhancement is the new completely reworked integration API that
allows to integrate Jindent 4.0 to third party application as part of
development environments and versioning systems. Completely new
rewritten integrations for all major Java IDEs (JBuilder, Eclipse,
NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, JDeveloper) are already included in the
release or will be released in the near future.

Jindent 4.0 continues the outstanding stability and reliability that
previous Jindent versions have proved in use by thousands of business
customers since 1997.

For details on the new Jindent 4.0 release please consult our website

Or download our free trial version at:

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