Printing EMF Problem

Printing EMF Problem

Post by khkasse » Thu, 22 Jun 2006 01:31:21


I am using gdi+ to print images.
I print all supported types in GDI+ (jpeg, bmp, emf, ....)
I have a strange problem printing emf Images;

if the size of my printing page is 200x300 mm all is OK, the emf is
printed, but if the size is 600x10000 the emf is not printed? and I
have this on an Epson ploter and not on a HP?
bmp are well printed, and all other GDI+ outputs are ok (FillRectangle,

I have the same behavior if I print to a PDF Printer

and the most strange thing is that, the same EMF image printed at the
top of the page is OK, but its not printed if I put it at the middle or
the bottom. I tried to move down the image, it still been printed until
some point and after this point nothing (jpegs after this point are
well printed).

I can't create a BMP and print it, because of the size of the bitmap

I tried to create an emf of all my job, and then send it to the
printer; the global emf is good (nothing is missed) but the resolution
of my integrated emf images are not good;

I Use:

Graphics::DrawImage(pEmfImage, destRect); to draw the emf

thank you

Printing EMF Problem

Post by Ottar Hols » Sat, 24 Jun 2006 06:01:16

> if the size of my printing page is 200x300 mm all is OK, the emf is

Hi, I don't have a solution for you, only some additional info. I have a
similar problem with emf-files, and I think the point where the emf is
stopping printing is connected to the screen-resolution of the machine. For
an emf with a hight of 1123, the bottom 10% is not printing when my screen
is running at 1280x1024. On 1280x900 the bottom 30% is missing, etc.