GDI+ v1.1 EMF to EMF+ Conversion

GDI+ v1.1 EMF to EMF+ Conversion

Post by ne_on » Fri, 29 Oct 2004 07:42:44

I realize that the GA version of GDI+ v1.1 is not yet available,
however for those developers that are evaluating it I'd be interested
in hearing how effectively the ConvertToEmfPlus method performs. The
MSDN documentation indicates that the routine may not handle all GDI
functions unless they have a corresponding GDI+ function.

Anyone testing the release have any feedback to offer?

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Hi all,
I have a scenario where I want to cause printing jobs on one computer
(running XP) to be rendered to EMF files, so that I can take these EMF
files and print them on another computer.
It seems this should have been an easy task, since according to the
documentation, windows uses EMF as the format of the print job files.
Alas, after spending some time playing around with all sorts of
printers and printer drivers, print processor settings and suchlike, I
still didn't succeed in creating a proper EMF representation of the
print job. I even tried to change the 'lpszDatatype' field of the
DOCINFO struct passed to StartDoc to "emf" to no avail. All I seem to
get is a file in "raw" format.

I did find some virtual printer drivers that gave this functionality,
like the open-source one from
( ), which didn't perform very well,
and the one from two-pilots
( ). This is a possible
solution, but it seems too complex considering that creating an EMF
should be part of the standard printing process in windows.

As a side note, one of the posts on google groups claimed that the EMF
files created by the spooler are not "true EMF", which made me wonder
what would be the difference between the two.

So my question is this: Does anyone know of a simple way to make
windows generate an EMF file of the print job?


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