GDI+ (C++6) Copying a bitmap from a DC into a Bitmap object

GDI+ (C++6) Copying a bitmap from a DC into a Bitmap object

Post by Um9u » Sun, 23 Apr 2006 09:58:01

C++ ver.6 SP6
Platform SDK Feb 2003

I'm looking for a way to capture an image using the GDI+ functions.
Eg. Using the old GDI you would ...
BitBlt (from the DC into the compatible DC)
Then I could just BitBlt into another DC etc.

I have been searching for something similar in GDI+ for so many hours that
it is embarassing.
The only way I have been able to do it is to go through the above procedure
and then create a Bitmap object using the HBITMAP handle I got from
CreateCompatibleBitmap, but this ends up being more laborious than just using

In GDI+ there is a contructor

INT width,
INT height,
Grpaphics *target

that looked promising, but there is no documentation for it apart from
saying that it creates a Bitmap object from a Graphics object, but I couldn't
get it to do anything.

Any way to copy a bitmap from a DC into a Bitmap object without using the
old GDI?



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