API for Unicode-check

API for Unicode-check

Post by Patrick.Si » Sat, 28 Aug 2004 15:26:13

Does there exist an API (or other function) to check if a printer or
printer driver supports Unicode printing?

Background: I recently changed our VB6-app to support Crystal Reports
9.0 coming from 8.5. CR9 supports only Unicode printing. In order to
always change customers printer driver settings (mostly from PCL to
Postscript) and to test if all applications are still working, I'd
like to see if the printer supports CR9.

Do other people have printing experiences with CR9.0?


Patrick Simons, MCP

1. API for Unicode-check

2. MOSS 2007 API to implement check in & check out

HI ,

I am using MOSS 2007 API's to implement the version controls like check in
and check out in Visual Studio 2005.
I have a sharepoint 2007 server and i am accessing the MOSS API (on
sharepoint server) from dotnet web application on my local machine using a
custom webservice. I am able to check out the document on the sharepoint
server by calling the API "item.File.CheckOut();" method via custom
webservice. But once i check out the document i need to open the document
and check it in back to the sharepoint server from my application. When i try
to do this i can open the document using the following code

SPDocumentLibrary docLib =
item = docLib.GetItemById(int.Parse(documentID));
SPFile document = web.GetFile(item["URL Path"].ToString());
byte[] documentContent = document.OpenBinary();
Response.ContentType =
Carizma.Common.CarizmaConfiguration.GetAppSetting("CONTENT_TYPE_" + itemType);
Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;filename=" +
Response.BinaryWrite(documentContent );

But i am not able to check in the changes made on the document back to the
sharepoint server from my local application. How will i be able to do this?

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