O/T Interesting Quest - optimized way to find out if any consective ones exist in the word/dword!

O/T Interesting Quest - optimized way to find out if any consective ones exist in the word/dword!

Post by Willer » Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:03:57

The post one replies to is usually called the parent post. And posts at
the same level as the post under consideration are usually called
sibling posts. So I figured that the sibling posts of the parent post
of a post would be its uncles and/or aunts.
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2. What's the correllation between File I/O's and Disk I/O's

We have a client that is getting poor response times.
But it's not consistant. One person may have no problems one day while
another is having huge delays, and the next day it's vice versa.
The system we have does a lot of data entry. Depending on the data
entered, a validation against files is required.
We've done a lot of investigation into this, and one thing that we
have noticed is that the number of Disk I/O's increases much faster
than the File I/O's requested.

One thing noticed was they had 9 disks, and disk 1 was going to 70-80%
utilisation (WRKDSKSTS), which in turn caused the other 8 disks to
increase in utilisation.

The iSeries is not reporting damaged objects, files or access paths.

File I/O's Disk I/O's
Action 1: 155 127
Action 2: 230 478
Action 3: 285 400
Action 4: 340 377
Action 5: 420 1220
Action 6: 480 2720

Looking at the above example Actions 1-4 look OK to us (afte review
the program source for Read/Writes and updates). But Actions 5 & 6
have much more Disk I/O than we'd expect.
Should there be some sort of correllation between File I/O's and Disk
What governs Disk I/O is it the OS?
Is there some configuration changes we might be able to make to help
alleviate the problem?


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