Bay Area Friends of Eiffel Meeting for February 21, 2007

Bay Area Friends of Eiffel Meeting for February 21, 2007

Post by gmc44 » Sat, 17 Feb 2007 10:21:10

his is an open invitation to a gathering of the Bay Area Friends of
Eiffel, for everyone interested in the Eiffel programming language.


February 21, starting at 6:30 PM.


The meeting will be held at the offices of AXA Rosenberg in Orinda CA.
Directions there are at the end of this announcement.



Should we be renamed the Bay Area Friends of ECMA Eiffel?
A few months ago I stopped monitoring the SmartEiffel project, and I
don't know of any participant in BAFOEiffel who uses SmartEiffel. Much
of our focus in meetings has been on EiffelStudio and ECMA. The Gobo
Project has also announced support for an ECMA-compatible compiler,
and is certainly of interest to the group. Are people also interested
in news regarding SmartEiffel? If not, then I would propose a name
change to make the ECMA focus of the group clear.

Recent Announcements:

You take a long enough break, you get lots of announcements.

Andreas Leitner announced the release of AutoTest and Erl-G Version
1.2.0. AutoTest is a fully automatic testing toolthat allows the user
to generate, compile and run tests on the push of a button.

Erl-G is the Eiffel Reflection Library Generator. With Erl-G you can
make an arbitrary Eiffel system reflectable. See:

Patrick Ruckstuhl announced support for Valgrind, a profiler with Unix
and Windows front-ends. He has a PHP script that translates
EiffelStudio's generated names back into the class/feature name, to
provide useful data from a profiled EiffelStudio application. The
script was posted to the es-devel mailing list.

Our own Eric Bezault has released the much-anticipated version 3.5 of
the Gobo project:

Also Eric, Manu from Eiffel Software, and others are collaborating on
the FreeElks project, an Open Source ECMA-compatible implementation of
the Eiffel Kernel library. EiffelStudio will support FreeElks in the

Speaking of EiffelStudio, it is a finalist in the Software Development
Jolt Awards:

Also regarding EiffelStudio, Eweasel, a regression testing tool for
the compiler is now Open Source:

The ESpec Project announced a new version to support EiffelStudio 5.7.
ESpec is a Workbench for Specification Driven Development:

Roger Browne has implemented the Eiffel Search Engine, a page that
generates a custom Google search for things Eiffel-related:


Ulrich Weiss will give a presentation on the Eiffel Logging classes he
recently wrote. These have been incorporated into the SVN repository
hosted by ETH:

Other Items:

Whatever you would like to talk about.

Appetizers and beverages. I bring the cheap stuff. If that's not good
enough for you, then bring the good stuff.


Directions are here:

The meeting will be in building E, in the conference room near the
lobby. As you approach building E from the parking lot, you'll see a
large sliding glas

Bay Area Friends of Eiffel Meeting for February 21, 2007

Post by Colin Paul » Sat, 17 Feb 2007 18:05:45

>>>>> "Greg" == gmc444 < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > writes:

Greg> change to make the ECMA focus of the group clear.

Since there are no ECMA-compliant compilers yet, this seems premature
at best.

And since ISO is more prestigious than ECMA, ISO Eiffel would appear to
be better.

This abbreviates to Eiffel, and so no name change would appear to be needed.
Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire