TeamEiffel group blog

TeamEiffel group blog

Post by Roger Brow » Mon, 09 Jan 2006 01:07:33

For many people nowadays, if there isn't a blog about it then it may as
well not exist.

With that in mind I've set up "Team Eiffel", a group blog at Blogger.
Here's its first entry:

Welcome to the Team Eiffel blog!

This is a place for serious Eiffel users to post their
experiences, opinions and commentary. Do you use Eiffel
at work? Do you work for an Eiffel vendor? Perhaps you
have released an open source Eiffel project, or have
written a paper about Eiffel, or taught Eiffel? If so,
email me ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ) and I'll set you up
to post entries to this blog. Anyone may post comments,
of course.

Roger Browne

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i have a site that i would like to take a fair amount of text content--

and re-design that site as a simple flash site but keeping the blog/hissyfit
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is there a way this text can be searchable? This site gets decent hits from
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