ANN: Simple Web Testing - Eiffel

ANN: Simple Web Testing - Eiffel

Post by neal-obfus » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 03:59:23

I would like to announce the availability of the first beta release of
Simple Web Testing - Eiffel (swete).

Swete provides open source cross platform console based tools for
regression testing of web applications. The tools may be used when
refactoring and during development to ensure that new functionality
doesn't break previously completed features.

Additional information on this project may be found at:

Special thanks to the Gobo, Eposix, and Eclop projects upon which
swete depends.

I am looking a volunteer who is willing to compile, package, test and
release (through the Source Forge file release system) unencumbered
windows binaries for the project. For owners of an ESI 5.4 compiler
this should be straight forward. Compiling under Smart Eiffel may
require some tweaking. The project is intended to be cross-compiler
compatible, but I've never written cross compiler code and haven't
tested under Smart Eiffel, so...