SetThreadExecutionState / CallNtPowerInformation(SystemExecutionState)

SetThreadExecutionState / CallNtPowerInformation(SystemExecutionState)

Post by jim clar » Fri, 14 Mar 2008 00:59:47

I would be very grateful if anyone could answer the following:

1. I'm using SetThreadExecutionState with flags ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED and
ES_CONTINUOUS to prevent a system from sleeping. When I don't need the
system to stay awake anymore I call it again with only ES_CONTINUOUS set -
my understanding is that this clears the previous flags and allows the idle
counter to start working again. Sometimes however, the system still refuses
to idle after the second call - Is it possible that calling again with only
ES_CONTINUOUS set would reset the idle timer again (I don't do this very
frequently but possible once every few minutes)?

Or, to put it another way:

2. You can determine the current state by calling
CallNtPowerInformation(SystemExecutionState, ...) .If this reports that
ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED (or similar) is set is there anyway to find which thread
(or even better just which process) has done this. I have a situation where
something is setting the flag but I don't seem to have anyway to find out

Best Regards


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I'm having trouble using SetThreadExecutionState() on Win XP SP2. I'm
trying to prevent the PC from going into any of the low power states while
using my driver. Inside my code, I make a call to
SetThreadExecutionState(ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED) to reset the timer. I end my
program after making this call successfully. At this point, I would expect
to be able to enter the low power states after the user specified time has
expired, but the PC NEVER suspends again until after a reboot. The PC
suspends fine if I never make the call to SetThreadExecutionState().

Has anyone run into this problem?

I'm using a DELL Latitude D600, 1.4 GHz Pentium M, 512 MB Memory.

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