How I send a irp to a port driver directly?

How I send a irp to a port driver directly?

Post by David Crai » Thu, 12 May 2005 03:41:32

Only the IO Manager can send IRPs to drivers. Start at the beginning and
describe your problem and not your solution. If you are making a CD/DVD
writer and/or reader, you want to use SPTI if all users will be
administrators or ASPI if not. Look at the commercial programs currently
sold and see what they install and how they work. Roxio/Sonic has a special
ASPI like driver that is not open, but Adaptec has ASPI drivers that are
open. There are other ASPI solutions available.

Don't blast the question out to so many groups. Try one and see if you get
an answer first. This is probably the best group.

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I'm new to Exchange 2007. We just switched from GroupWise 7.

I have a group of Accountants that each have their own mailboxes. Then their
is a generic mailbox that all vendors send their invoices to. Before our
switch, each account was able to proxy into this generic mailbox and send
mail from this generic account back to vendors and the sent messages all
stayed in the sent folder of that generic account.

So with our new Exchange 2007 mail system, I went to the EMC and granted one
accountant, (as a test), the send as permission to the generic e-mail account
that recieved invocies.
In the Outlook 2007 client, my test user has their main mailbox, and the
Inbox and folders of the generic account. This account goes to send a new
e-mail as the generic account, they type in the name of the generic account
in the From field and send off the e-mail.

So here is my problem. When my accountant does that, the message they sent
as the generic user, goes to the sent Items folder on their main mailbox,
instead of going to the Sent Items folder of the generic user account.

What do I need to do, to get e-mails 'send as' to go to the Sent Items
folder of the account the user is 'sending as' for?


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