finding uptime and downtime?

finding uptime and downtime?

Post by Tom Horsle » Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:53:49

More for curiosity than any real need: Is there any way to find
out how long an XP system has been up?

Possibly even more curious, is there a way to find out how long
it was down before it came up the last time? (Naturally, if this
is the first boot, that won't be a meaningful question :-).

(Now, in case you are curious, I'm just sorta wondering about
ways to guage how well or poorly the system keeps time, and
how well the motherboard RTC keeps time, which will be a
different clock).

finding uptime and downtime?

Post by Gary Chans » Tue, 13 Apr 2004 13:19:59

GetTickCount gives you the number of milliseconds since boot. It wraps
around after about 50 days.

I don't thinl there is any easy way to get this. It wouldn't be hard to
create a file during shutdown which you could later use by reading its time

We already know it is abysmal! With one exception, every PC I've dealt
with has been significantly off. The exception is my notebook computer
which (by pure chance I'm sure) has been more accurate then the best watch
I've every owned.

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