!findthebuild command in !analyze -v

!findthebuild command in !analyze -v

Post by alex » Sat, 03 Apr 2010 23:27:38

I received a minidump file related to a bugcheck and I'm trying to
inspect it using windbg on Windows XP. After having issued an !analyze
-v command, among other things I read:

Use '!findthebuild' command to search for the target build information.
If the build information is available, run '!findthebuild -s ; .reload'
to set symbol path and load symbols.

This is possibly related to this message:

***** Kernel symbols are WRONG. Please fix symbols to do analysis.


0: kd> !findthebuild
FindTheBuild service not found

What is FindTheBuild service, and do I have to do something to enable it?


!findthebuild command in !analyze -v

Post by Pavel Lebe » Wed, 07 Apr 2010 15:04:52

> 0: kd> !findthebuild

!findthebuild is an internal command, it's not useful outside of Microsoft.

Try .symfix instead.

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