Forth only Linux was: Why doesn't forth comes with Linux distributions

Forth only Linux was: Why doesn't forth comes with Linux distributions

Post by Andreas Kl » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 08:46:03

it ist very very easy to do so.
make a linux boot floppy (as described on many WEB pages)
and simply replace /sbin/init with your preferred Forth.
no other programs are needed (it's probably a good
idea to have the /dev directory and /proc filesystem).

and now forget all the features you already get for free
if you install a small linux distribution. like X-Window,
X-Term, WEB Browser, Mail Clients, Postscript Interpreter
and so on.

I miss the (valuable) point why one should do that ?

best wishes
Andreas Klimas

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I would be interested in hearing your experiences using Forth with AI.

Steve Graham


>>> > Symbolic Computations on a Personal Computer, -- S. N. Baranoff
>>> >
>>> > List Processing and Object-Oriented Programming Using Forth, --
>>> > Dennis L Feucht

>> It might be interesting to hear from Messers Baranoff and Feucht bout
>> the difficulties and trade-offs of using Forth for symbolic
>> computation, in their experience.

I worked with Dennis Feucht a few years ago on a small project, and
did quite a bit of work with one of Dr. Baranoff's students who
went on to teach university courses using Forth after he got his
PHd. I highly recommend Dennis' book about Writing Personal Expert
Systems in Forth for more information about the subjects of those
Rochester Forth Conferenced presentations about his Lisp like list
processing and his Prolog hybrid implementation in Forth.

A few years ago I also worked on a project that combined
Feucht's Lisp and Prolog Forth extensions with an Aha like
database engine, neural nets and genetic programming. Of
course someone might say that only Forth is Forth and that
as soon as one starts to write an extension toward an
application domain that it shouldn't be called Forth.
Personally I think that is arguing personal definitions
and reaching a bit too far. But I think it fits right in
with questioning whether I had any idea what I was talking
about in this thread.

Best Wishes

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