Sound Capture-AI Mind/Developing AI

Sound Capture-AI Mind/Developing AI

Post by Don Goldin » Wed, 04 Aug 2004 00:10:55

would be willing to "prime the pump" and supply my robot Whiskers, at cost
($250), to promote the development of AI in Forth.

The robot uses Max Forth from New Micros. The Forth language was extended
with new robot control words so you can use it as a mobile Forth language
development platform. It supports Multitasking and has a three level
intelligent architecture which I developed. Dr. Ken Butterfield of the Los
Alamo National Laboratory helped with the development of the software.

Sensors include: Four optical sensors with analog data registers, two
whiskers, and individual motor current sensing. A microphone for sound
recognition? and a speaker for sound "language?" generation. I was trying
to develop an artificial creature for AI researchers to use as a platform to
develop AI for robots.

For more information:

I gave a presentation of this three level architecture to the senior staff
and director of the robotics program at JPL in 1995. Eighteen months later,
3T, which is a clone of my system, was announced by JPL as the new standard
for intelligent control and is in common use today. We have a software
copyrights for both 2 level and 3 level intelligent control architectures
for robots. Most of the robots entered into the Grand Challenge used the 2
level control operation.

Life is fun, isn't it?

Call me to discuss this offer: (714) 590-7877.

Sorry Brad, kinda off topic, but interesting...

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1. Sound Capture-AI Mind/Developing AI

2. AI Mind (Was: Sound capture)

"Chris S." writes on Fri, 30 Jul 2004:

Yes, a *conceptualized* knowledge base (KB).

Ture. Language is nevertheless closely involved with thought.

The sensorium is where we amateur mind-makers count on
help from the amateur robot-makers. They want a mind
for their robots; we want robots for our AI to live in.

Understanding the AI Mind is helped along considerably by ~mentifex/jsaimind.html -- for MS IE 5:

____________ ____________
AI4U textbook / \ / \
User's Manual ( Motorium ) ( Security )
Add your link \____________/ \____________/
____________ ____________
/ \ / Sensorium \
( Volition ) Listening... ( --> Audition )
\____________/ \____________/
____________ ____________
/ \ / \
( Think ) ( Emotion )
\____________/ \____________/

Only an initial, hit-the-ground-thinking lexicon is hard-coded.
The AI learns new words via the human-computer interaction (HCI).

With heartfelt thanks to you for the analysis and advice,

Arthur T. Murray

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