OCaml Mac OS X question

OCaml Mac OS X question

Post by Jeff M » Sat, 02 Jun 2007 23:56:28

I'm sorry to post a very specific question to the newsgroup, but I've
searched the web and this ng and haven't found the answer to my
question anywhere. I hope someone here that uses OCaml on OS X can

First, I'm new to OCaml - just picking it up to try something new. So,
the question should be prefixed with "noob". :-) Also, this question
is 1/2 specific to the editor I'm using: TextMate. I'm trying to get
the integration of OCaml in TextMate working properly. So far,

I downloaded the latest source for OCaml, and successfully compiled
and installed it on OS X (10.4.9 and x86). I've successfully used svn
to get the OCaml.tmbundle for TextMate to add support.

However, when I try to run the source code from TextMate, it pops up
with an error trying to run "ocamlfind", which wasn't compiled or
installed with the OCaml source. I don't know if the bundle for
TextMate is just really old and "ocamlfind" is something long since
deprecated or if "ocamlfind" is an ocaml program I'm supposed to
download from elsewhere, compile, and install myself. To be honest, I
can't seem to figure out what that program is/does.

OCaml is working successfully. I can run the programs just fine from
the terminal, compile them, etc. I just wish I could get it working
from within the editor.

Again, sorry for such a very specific question (platform, editor,
etc), but I'm hoping someone here can explain to me what "ocamlfind"
is, and perhaps someone even uses TextMate and can guide me in the
right direction.


Jeff M.

OCaml Mac OS X question

Post by Fred » Sun, 03 Jun 2007 08:35:58


I don't know TextMate, but ocamlfind is indeed a separate program, that
registers libraries so that they can be found more easily. It is used by
many programs associated with ocaml, for example the make-like "omake".
So, I would tend to think that you could solve your problem just by
installing ocamlfind. See
for more information.

Hope it helps,



OCaml Mac OS X question

Post by Jeff M » Sun, 03 Jun 2007 11:03:19

Thank you!

This was exactly what I needed.

Jeff M.