any kind souls who know haskell?

any kind souls who know haskell?

Post by andyshear » Thu, 10 Aug 2006 01:09:28

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to teach myself haskell by attempting to program a system
that stores information about stations on one london underground line
and allows the user to ask simple questions. For example, how many
stops from station x to station y? How long will it take to get to
station x from station y? Which stations allow me to connect to line x?
and which one is closest?

The information i need to store is the station name (obviously), the
time it takes to travel between one station and the next (e.g. 3 mins)
and the names of the lines that the station interchanges with (e.g.
circle or northern). Some stations can interchange with more than one
line but then some don't interchange with any.

How would i go about this? Mainly, how can i store the data and how do
i go about accessing it?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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I have been working with a company on an internet printing application that
prints items from a catalog in their print center. All of that is working
fine, but now they want to reconcile the print jobs with the actual counts
from their printers. So, I need to query the printer and get the page
counts periodically. It looks to me like SNMP is the way to do this, but I
have no idea how to get started.
The Application is written in VB.Net and ASP.NET. All of the printing is
done through a .NET web service. In the service I am using the WinAPI
functions to do the actual printing, so I am not opposed to using other
Win32 API calls to accommodate this. But, I do need to code this in some
Microsoft environment, preferably VB.NET or C#. I have no problems writing
the interops to any Win32 functionality, so if you have some examples in
that environment, that would be great.
So, can some kind soul point me in the right direction to get started? I'm
trying to get the MIBs for the printers (Konica 1050 BizHub and a Canon
CLC4000 with an EFI Fiery Controller), but when I do, I still have no idea
what to do with them.
Thank you very much for your time!

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