Last Call for Papers: 2007 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality (CGVR'07), June 25-28, 2007, USA

Last Call for Papers: 2007 International Conference on Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality (CGVR'07), June 25-28, 2007, USA

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ear Colleagues:

I would appreciate if you could share the announcement below with
who might be interested.

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Ashu M. G. Solo
Publicity Chair, CGVR'07
Principal/R&D Engineer, Maverick Technologies America Inc.

Last Call For Papers

The 2007 International Conference on Computer Graphics
and Virtual Reality (CGVR'07)

Date and Location: June 25-28, 2007, Las Vegas, USA

Academic Sponsors: Research Labs at
MIT, Harvard, Purdue, Univ. of Texas at Austin, ...

Paper Submission Deadline: February 20, 2007

You are invited to submit a full paper for consideration.
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
the following:

O Computational geometry
O Computer animation
O Fractal geometry and applications
O Rendering methods
O Illumination and reflection techniques
O Sound rendering technologies
O Surface modeling
O Multi-resolution modeling
O Web 3D and applications
O Color and texture
O Modeling techniques
O Visualization
O Distributed and parallel processing for graphics and VR
O Compression technologies
O Modeling of natural scenes and phenomena
O Computer art and entertainment
O Graphics and game technologies
O e-Learning applications and computer graphics
O Interactive digital media
O 3D reconstruction
O Simulation and graphics
O Shadows, translucency and visibility
O Software tools for computer graphics
O Curves and meshes
O Information visualization
O Volume visualization
O Visual computing and graphics
O Shape representation
O special-purpose hardware for graphics and virtual reality
O Image data structures for computer graphics
O Graphics algorithms and applications
O Case studies and emerging technologies
O Immersive virtual reality
O Artificial reality
O Virtual reality on Grid environments
O Virtual reality, visualization, and education
O Real-time collision detection algorithms
O Interactive techniques
O Learning and assessment based on virtual reality approaches
O Virtual reality languages (X3D, VRML, Java3D, OpenGL, ...)
O Virtual laboratories
O Real-time rendering for VR
O Emerging display technologies
O Virtual reality techniques for behavioral and cognitive
O Simulation and virtual reality
O Haptic devices and techniques
O Software tools for virtual reality
O Human-computer interfaces
O Virtual and augmented reality
O Virtual environments
O Virtual humans and artificial life
O Tele-collaboration
O Multimodal display systems
O Integration of virtual reality and multimedia
O Virtual reality applications and algorithms

Submission of Papers:

Prospective authors are invited to submit their full paper
(about 5 to 8 pages - single space, font size of 10 to 12) to
H. R. Arabnia by Feb. 20, 2007 ( XXXX@XXXXX.COM ). E-mail submissions
in MS Doc or PDF formats are preferable (postal mail submissions
are also fine.) All reasonable typesetting formats are acceptable
(later, the authors of accepted papers will be asked to follow a
particular typesetting fo