AMAST 2008 - Call For Papers

AMAST 2008 - Call For Papers

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% %
% The 12th International Conference on %
% Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology %
% AMAST 2008 %
% %
% July 28-31, 2008 %
% University of Illinois %
% Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA %
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The major goal of the AMAST conferences is to promote research towards
setting software technology on a firm, mathematical basis. Work towards
this goal is a collaborative, international effort with contributions
from both academia and industry. The envisioned virtues of providing
software technology developed on a mathematical basis include
(a) correctness, which can be proved mathematically,
(b) safety, so that developed softare can be used in the implementation
of critical systems,
(c) portability, i.e., independence from computing platforms and
language generations, and
(d) evolutionary change, i.e., the software is self-adaptable and
evolves with the problem domain.

The previous conferences were held in: Iowa City, Iowa, USA (1989,
1991 and 2000); Twente, The Netherlands (1993); Montreal, Canada
(1995); Munich, Germany (1996); Sydney, Australia (1997); Manaus,
Amazonia, Brazil (1998); Reunion Island, France (2002); Stirling, UK
(2004, colocated with MPC' 04); Kuressaare, Estonia (2006, colocated
with MPC '06).

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

- systems software technology
- application software technology
- concurrent and reactive systems
- formal methods in industrial software development
- formal techniques for software requirements, design
- evolutionary software/adaptive systems

- logic programming, functional programming, object paradigms
- constraint programming and concurrency
- program verification and transformation
- programming calculi
- specification languages and tools
- formal specification and development case studies

- logic, category theory, relation algebra, computational algebra
- algebraic foundations for languages and systems, coinduction
- theorem proving and logical frameworks for reasoning
- logics of programs
- algebra and coalgebra

SYSTEMS AND TOOLS (for system demonstrations or ordinary papers):
- software development environments
- support for correct software development
- system support for reuse
- tools for prototyping
- component based software development tools
- validation and verification
- computer algebra systems
- theorem proving systems

AMAST steering committee

Michael Johnson Macquarie University (chair)
Egidio Astesiano Universita degli Studi di Genova
Robert Berwick MIT
Zohar Manna Stanford University
Michael Mislove Tulane University
Anton Nijholt