Migrating desktop apps to Java ME's CDC

Migrating desktop apps to Java ME's CDC

Post by asj » Thu, 20 Apr 2006 15:01:49

I would like to call upon the many Java desktop developers out there,
the guys in the trenches who produce such cool apps as the audio player
jlGUI and many other awesome Java desktop apps.

Is it time for you to consider migrating your apps to the brand new,
and fast-growing field of Java ME and CDC (Personal Profile) devices?


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Here is the motivation for my question. I have a Swing-based
application that is launched using Web Start. I would like this
application to launch other application instances using it's own
classpath (e.g. fork new instances of itself) when the user invokes
certain functions.

I know that I can use Runtime or ProcessBuilder to launch another Java
application. If I use this approach, how can I get the current
application's classpath so that I can pass it as an argument to the
Java sub process?

Steve A

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