IBM, Sun to meet over open source Java( IBM urges Sun to make Java open source)

IBM, Sun to meet over open source Java( IBM urges Sun to make Java open source)

Post by hizark2 » Sun, 07 Mar 2004 04:01:08

IBM, Sun to meet over open source Java

"Sun wants to hear more details about IBM's proposal, such as which
parts of Java IBM would like to see made open source and how such a
plan might be carried out, according to Bob Sutor, IBM's director of
WebSphere infrastructure."

"In a meeting with reporters Tuesday, Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's
executive vice president for software, expressed puzzlement over IBM's
proposal, calling the plan "bonky." The open source Linux operating
system has forked into a variety of distributions, and the same fate
could befall Java if it were made open surce, resulting in
incompatibilities, he said."

Personally I think there is good points on both sides. I think Sun has
some very valid concerns after seeing how MS corrupted the JVM. On the
otherhand I think I IBM concerns are legitemate. Java as development
as a language could be speeded up. Perhaps a hybrid of shared
opensource & JCP might work.

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PacktPub 2008 Awards - Most Promising Open Source Web CMS

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| Every great web CMS contest showcases winners in much anticipated categories,
| frequently highlighting names everyone already knows. But what about the new
| guy on the block? is proud to announce the 2008 Most Promising
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OSUM portal from Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes, that acronym is pronounced wesome.Cheesy acronyms aside, the Open
| Source University Meetup is actually a great idea.


Drupal wins 2008 Best PHP Open Source CMS from Packt Publishing

,----[ Quote ]
| For the third year in a row, Drupal has been nominated for a Packt Publishing
| Open Source CMS award. Packt Publishing is announcing winners all week. Today
| they announced the 2008 best PHP open source CMS.
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