Java plays Monopoly, fast, fast, fast

Java plays Monopoly, fast, fast, fast

Post by Rile » Mon, 05 Jan 2004 00:28:48

I thought a few Java people might be interested:

I now have a Java application available that plays the board
game of Monopoly the rate of 2,500 games/minute (URL below). It
features four virtual players with 15 preferences each and is intended
for student investigations of The-Rich-Get-Richer and other complexity
generated emergent rules.

Mastery of this rule is necessary (but not sufficient) for us
Nerds to complete our takeover of the world.

Emergent rules come out of the complexity of a system itself,
but are not explicitly defined from the outside. The-Rich-Get-Richer
Rule occurs in almost all economic systems, but nobody ever passed a
law saying it must be so. Historically, the excesses of this rule lead
to the French and Russian Revolutions and then, in turn, destroyed

Another emergent property may also be studied with this
application; it is cascading failures. A small, common breakdown
cascades to a catastrophic failure for no apparent reason. This puppy
recently took out the power in New York City and Italy, and brought
down our spaceship. In Monopoly, the three losers see a
Rich-Get-Richer win a cascading failure. Master of this property would
be of immense economic value.

Beta testers and students users are needed.

Great Fun!


Tom Riley

"Look the Future Straight in the Eye" ~jriley/jeremiad/book.html

Monopoly Challenge ~jriley/jeremiad/monopoly.html

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