[ANN] OrindaBuild 2.0 - A Tool that generates Java to Call Oracle

[ANN] OrindaBuild 2.0 - A Tool that generates Java to Call Oracle

Post by OrindaSoft » Fri, 10 Oct 2003 16:43:45

What is OrindaBuild?

OrindaBuild?is a utility that automatically writes Java?code to access
stored procedures, packages, functions and sequences in Oracle?
databases. By automating the tedious task of writing access code, it can
dramatically improve productivity. OrindaBuild also helps to reduce the
time taken for Java code to catch up with database design changes.

How does it work?

OrindaBuild has a Swing GUI to choose Oracle database resources like
PL/SQL?procedures. Specify the location for code generation, add your
comments and other configuration information and click Generate. All the
source you need is either created or ships with the product. There is no
mysterious runtime component and your code continues to work when your
license expires.

Key Features:

Intuitive and straightforward -
A Swing GUI lists existing PL/SQL objects and makes creating code trivial.

No mysterious runtime component -
Everything is done with human readable source code.

No Precompilers needed -
No requirement to use SQLJ.

Large object support -
BLOBs, CLOBs and BFILE parameters can be treated as java.io.File.

Cursor Support -
Cursors can't be left open and are retrieved into a standard data structure.

Understands Oracle's privileges -
Can call PL/SQL objects owned by other users or referred to by Synonyms.

Support for BOOLEAN parameters -
Can call PL/SQL procedures with BOOLEAN parameters without having to
create an additional procedure.

Support for records as parameters -
Can call PL/SQL Procedures that have %ROWTYPE, %TYPE, PL/SQL Package
Record and Oracle Object Type Parameters provided they don't have nested

No Schema Changes -
OrindaBuild does not create any additional database objects such as
Procedures or Tables.

Pay-As-You-Go Licensing -
OrindaBuild is available for periods ranging from one month to a year.
When the license expires you can maintain the code by hand. Generated
code does not stop working because your licence has expired.

Standard Windows App -
OrindaBuild comes as a standard Windows installable and can be safely
uninstalled when no longer required.

Command Line Support -
Code can be generated on any platform the supports Sun Java, thus
enabling OrindaBuild to be integrated with tools such as 'make' and 'ant'.

Downloading OrindaBuild

Orinda Software's web site is located at:

A fully functional Version of OrindaBuild can be downloaded from:

About Orinda Software

Orinda Software is a privately held startup located in Dublin, Ireland.

Orinda's mission is to create easily usable products that improve
productivity for people who use Oracle, Java and JDBC.

Orinda Software is a Sun Independent Software Vendor and a Paypal
Verified Merchant.

"OrindaBuild" and "Orinda Software" are trademarks of Orinda Software, Ltd.

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