[ANNOUNCE] Spectrum Announces Integration between SpectrumSCM and the Eclipse platform.

[ANNOUNCE] Spectrum Announces Integration between SpectrumSCM and the Eclipse platform.

Post by Sudarsha » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 15:23:42

November 1st, 2003

Spectrum Announces Integration between SpectrumSCM and the Eclipse platform.

SpectrumSCM, the first truly integrated, full-featured, platform
independent SCM tool, provides advanced SCM capabilities to developers
working with the Eclipse IDE.

Atlanta - November 1st, 2003: Atlanta-based Spectrum Software, Inc., a
systems designer and developer of software productivity tools, announced
today, here at Bangalore IT.com 2003, Asia's largest annual Information and
Communications Technology event, the immediate availability of its
integration between SpectrumSCM, its enterprise source configuration
management (SCM) solution, and the open source Eclipse platform.

The integration of SpectrumSCM with the Eclipse IDE gives developers using
the Eclipse IDE direct access to advanced software configuration management
features including check-in/check-out, visual diff/merge, pattern based
branching,, and most importantly, direct integration with SpectrumSCM's
issue management functionality, all from within the Eclipse environment.
"The SpectrumSCM plugin for Eclipse provides current Eclipse users with
powerful version
control, issue tracking and process management features. It also provides
direct SCM integration for new development environments that are based on
the Eclipse platform, like IBM's Websphere Studio Application Developer."
said Adrian Raybould, Director of Software Development at Spectrum Software.

"We are delighted to see the release of the integration between SpectrumSCM
and this popular integrated development environment. The ability to access
all of the powerful elements of SpectrumSCM from within the native
development environment is a huge plus for developers and development
managers alike. The integration with the Eclipse platform will not only help
increase developer productivity but will also promote proper process
enforcement through issue and workflow management." said Sarathi Srinivasan,
President and CEO of the Atlanta-based Spectrum Software.

"This is yet another reflection of the versatility of SpectrumSCM. It has
further demonstrated that SpectrumSCM offers a proven combination of value
and functionality that is only available in truly integrated tools like
SpectrumSCM. In the past year, SpectrumSCM has been seen as a very powerful
and affordable alternative to many of the available peer CM solutions. It
has now enabled organizations, small and large, to implement a solid,
cost-effective enterprise wide CM solution without having to doubt their
investment." added Srinivasan.

Over the last year the SpectrumSCM product has had a great amount of
interest shown worldwide and is being seen as a very attractive alternative
to many of the existing market leading competitors. SpectrumSCM is the first
truly platform independent, full-featured (Version Control, Issue Tracking,
Process Management/Control, Workflow, Release management, parallel
Development) source configuration management system in the market place that
provides full CM functionality with one fully integrated SCM system.
SpectrumSCM is a flexible, process based system that can be used to manage
the entire project life-cycle associated with the creation and release of
any 'e-Asset'.


The SpectrumSCM plugin for Eclipse is available for download on the
SpectrumSCM website at www.spectrumscm.com Visit the site for instructions,
tutorials and