Java Trawl

Java Trawl

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I have created a site that merges java articles / news from the best
java / j2ee resources. It is updated every 10 munites.

Check it out:

1. Network utility like Trawl in OS X?

2. troll vs. trawl [was: list index()]

Many thesauri list the 'troll' as a synonym of 'trawl'. Given their

1. 'trawl' is 'probably from L. tragula "dragnet."'
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2. <blockquote>

troll (v.)
1377, "to go about, stroll," later (c.1425) "roll from side to side,
trundle," from O.Fr. troller, a hunting term, "wander, to go in quest of
game without purpose," from a Gmc. source (cf. O.H.G. trollen "to walk
with short steps"), from P.Gmc. *truzlanan. Sense of "sing in a full,
rolling voice" (first attested 1575) and that of "fish with a moving
line" (1606) are both extended technical applications of the general
sense of "roll, trundle," the latter perhaps confused with trail or
trawl. Fig. sense of "to draw on as with a moving bait, entice, allure"
is from 1565. Meaning "to cruise in search of *** encounters" is
recorded from 1967, originally in *** slang.


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... it was probably inevitable that 'troll' and 'trawl' become


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7. Hot Requirements: 1.Sr Java Developer,2.Java Developer (Java with EJB)

8. ie crashes on a web page NO java or java scripts or java applets, on it!!

9. ie crashes on a web page NO java or java scripts or java applets, on it!!

10. java/58524: new port: java/jmf - Java Media Framework

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15. java/57573: New java ports: java/jakarta-commons-pool and