[ANN] edtFTPj 1.4.3 released (Free FTP client)

[ANN] edtFTPj 1.4.3 released (Free FTP client)

Post by javaftpcli » Sat, 04 Sep 2004 05:40:59

Enterprise Distributed Technologies is happy to announce the immediate
release of edtFTPj 1.4.3, the popular Java library for embedding full
FTP capabilities into Java applications.

edtFTPj is Open Source (LGPL) and can be freely embedded into
commercial applications. It supports a wide range of FTP commands, and
has been downloaded over 100,000 times.

This release adds the ability to resume aborted binary transfers (uploads
and downloads). The features() method has been added to list FTP server



We also have available a derivative product, edtFTPj/SSL, a secure
version of edtFTPj supporting FTPS (FTP over SSL). For more details



1. [ANN] edtFTPj/SSL 1.1.5 released (FTPS client - secure FTP)

2. [ANN] edtFTPj/SSL 1.1.2 released (FTPS client - secure FTP)

edtFTPj/SSL is a Java library which performs secure file transfers. It
supports FTPS (FTP over SSL), both explicit and implicit modes, and is
compatible with most secure FTP servers. All major FTP operations are
supported, including both active and passive modes. It provides a
progress monitor interface, allowing applications to receive progress
updates for their file transfers. The library is built on the open
source edtFTPj and shares its API.

1.1.2 fixes a logging bug and a directory parsing bug for files with
many spaces in their names.

For more details and to purchase see


Bruce Blackshaw
Enterprise Distributed Technologies

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