jmp/0.36 released

jmp/0.36 released

Post by Robert Olo » Sat, 25 Oct 2003 16:32:10

JMP - Java Memory Profiler - version 0.36 has been released.

JMP is a java profiler that can show memory usage and method times.
It uses a gtk/2.x user interface, but may be compiled and run without
any user interface.

Changes for 0.36 include:
A dialog that show the current monitors.
Deadlock detection is performed when the monitor dialog is opened.
Code cleanup and code commenting.

Screenshots and downloaded can be found at:

Have fun

1. [ANN] Cream (for Vim) Version 0.36 Released

2. [ANN] Release 0.36 of Task Coach

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce release 0.36 of Task Coach. New in this release:

Bug fixed:
- Descriptions loose newlines after reload (1194259).

Feature added:
- French user interface added, thanks to Jerome Laheurte.

What is Task Coach?

Task Coach is a simple task manager that allows for hierarchical
tasks, i.e. tasks in tasks. Task Coach is open source (GPL) and is
developed using Python and wxPython. You can download Task Coach from:

A binary installer is available for Windows XP, in addition to the
source distribution.

Note that Task Coach is alpha software, meaning that it is wise to back
up your task file regularly, and especially when upgrading to a new release.

Cheers, Frank

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