Join Us At The NetBeansOne Conference During JavaOne

Join Us At The NetBeansOne Conference During JavaOne

Post by robert.dem » Sun, 16 May 2004 14:42:18

You asked for it and here it is!

In less than two months, we'll be having our first NetBeans mega
event. On Tuesday, June 29, 2004, the NetBeans team is hosting a free
companion event to JavaOne in San Francisco, California that will
feature the NetBeans Project including: a preview of the latest
release, a look inside NetBeans Technology and will also feature key
NetBeans Partners.

The keynote will feature James Gosling talking about Tools and the
future. And if you've heard James speak, you know there'll be some
great surprises. This is not to be missed!

Whether or not you're planning to sign up for a full JavaOne pass,
registration for NetBeans One is free.

NetBeansOne is the best place to hear from key Sun technical staff who
manage the NetBeans project, to learn about the technology and the
roadmap. Meet your fellow NetBeans enthusiasts and learn those
invaluable shared- knowledge tips.

* Meet James Gosling, Father of Java and CTO for Sun's Developer
Platforms Group
* Meet all those folks at the end of the email threads
* Meet Steve Wilson, the Engineering Director at Sun responsible for
NetBeans development
* Meet Ian Formanek, one of the original architects of NetBeans
* Meet Rob Demmer, the publisher of the newsletter and the site
* Meet Larry Baron, the product manager for NetBeans
* Meet Jesse Glick and Tim Boudreau, authors of "NetBeans: The
Definitive Guide"
* Meet the developers of NetBeans

Ask the folks in-the-know all those questions you've always wanted
share with your fellow NetBeans enthusiasts.

Additionally we'll be featuring NetBeans partners that help make
NetBeans a thriving ecosystem. Among those featured will be:

Hit Software
Make Technologies

We'll be conveniently located in the Yerba Buena Theater which is
adjacent to the Moscone Convention Centers entrances.

The full day of events will include:

* A keynote featuring James Gosling
* Advances in NetBeans Technology
* In and outs of developing NetBeans plug-ins
* Building Web applications
* Building Mobile application
* What's new in the community

And the day will conclude with a Sun Tools event featuring teams from
Sun Java Studio Creator, Sun Java Studio Enterprise and NetBeans. Also
available are great refreshments, recognition awards, exclusive demos
and much, much more.

Register for NetBeansOne by visiting:

Don't be confused by the form. You can register for either NetBeans
day only (for free) or for a full JavaOne pass at a discount. You
choose which events to attend is step 3.

Stay tuned for NetBeansOne news and information at:

We hope we can see many of you in San Francisco in June!

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