WebDAV "409 (Conflict)" when creating calendar items

WebDAV "409 (Conflict)" when creating calendar items

Post by styl » Thu, 18 Jan 2007 08:14:51


We have a dedicated account which has access to the calendars of several
mailboxes. We are using this delegated account to create calendar items via
WebDAV within those mailboxes. Unfortunately WebDAV often answers with "409
(Conflict)" and does not write anything to the mailbox (after sending a
propatch command).

We have no idea how we could solve this problem. We don't even know what
kind of conflict occurred. Maybe someone of you could point us to the right

- Could this be a permission problem (maybe it's not possible to use such a
dedicated account to write into the calendar of other mailboxes)?
- Could the mailboxes be corrupt somehow or is there something wrong with
the exchange configuration?
- Could another process lock the calendar?
- Could the conflict occur because the items we try to write have wrong or
contradictory data? (if yes, how can we find out which one?)

Another phenomenon which often appears is that the calendar item is visibile
in Outlook WebAccess but not in Outlook. If you open these items and save
them without changing anything, then they also appear in Outlook. I don't
know if this is a completely different problem or if both these problems
relate to eachother.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.
Kind regards