Event sink script registrations and script debugging

Event sink script registrations and script debugging

Post by Martin New » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 15:32:58

I am developing an event sink using vbs for Exch2k. I am regsitering the
script using exchange explorer. I am testing the script by invoking it not
a sink in a test harnes so I am confident syntax etc is OK.

However I vcannot get registrations to work reliably - occassionaly of I
register a script it works but normally not - I have tried reregistering,
changing an existing registration, deleting on which the sink works and re
registering it etc etc etc. I must have tried about 30 times - twice it has
worked but not the other loads of times. (success is measured by whether
the script is fired).

What am I likely to be doing wrong? ANd as a subsidiary queston I preume if
I register a script successfully I donlt have to reregister it if I change
the script provided the name and location don;lt change. FInally in
Exchange Explorer should any items proerty have the name of the script in or
just the ExOleDB.ScriptEventSink.1 refernce - is the problem that if I
attempt multiple registrations the .1 in that proerty should get