java idl question

java idl question

Post by Firewalke » Tue, 25 Oct 2005 04:11:02

Hello all,
I am trying to write the simple hello world program by java sun. The thing
that the implemnetation of the interface is in seperate class than the
server. The tutorial on the web just shows you that the implementation
returns a simple string "hello world". What if I want to return a preperty
of the serve (say the value of the variab) or if I want to use a function
written in the server class? How would I be able to use the server's
information if the implemnatation is in different class?!

Thank you very much for your help

java idl question

Post by Piet van O » Tue, 25 Oct 2005 18:21:36

Your question isn't very clear. If you want to return something different
instead of "Hello World", then return that:

e.g. return myvariable;
or return somefunc(myvariable);

Of course the value to be returned should use variables that are on the
server side. The calculations are done in the server. Corba will then
transmit this value to the client.

(Actually to make it more complicated you can use stuff that you obtain
from other remote calls, but forget that for the moment.)
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