javascript slide shows

javascript slide shows

Post by inquisitiv » Tue, 12 Aug 2003 08:06:43

Hello everyone,

Basically, i want to do this and also add a series of
numbers(1,2,3,etc) below the pics and be able click on the numbers to
go directly to the pic within the same window. This way, i don't have
to continually click on next photo or previousphoto to get the photo i
want but just click on the photo
number(1,2,3, etc) directly also. I want the option to do both
next/previous AND click directly on the #1,#2, etc. to get direct
access to photo right away. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

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I am trying to modify an existing PowerPoint, created by an ex-employee, by
inserting a new slide. The .ppt is not password protected and I am using
PowerPoint 2003 on an XP Pro system. When I insert the new slide, it shows
up in the Slide Sorter view as well as the Normal view. However, when I run
the presentation, the slide does not disply. The presentation skips from
slide 2 to slide 4, skipping my inserted slide. I have made sure that the
slide is not 'hidden' and am at a loss as to how to make this new slide
visible in the Slide Show view.

Thanks for the help!

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