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I tryid to realize an e-shop with frames and parnet.value. It works.
But up to now it is a little bit long winded. So I have for every
text.field an parent.value like this:
parent.value = document.form.field1.value
Is it possible to implement with fields? So I would have a solution
with a for-loop.
Maybe someone could help me.

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Does this do it for you ---
SELECT tblOrderTrans.clubno AS Club,
& " - " &
Sum(IIf([tblOrderTrans]![ordmembact]=1,[tblOrderTrans]![ordvalue],0)) AS [Act
1 Orders],
& " - " &
Sum(IIf([tblOrderTrans]![ordmembact]=2,[tblOrderTrans]![ordvalue],0)) AS [Act
2 Orders], Count(IIf([tblOrderTrans]![ordmembact] Like
7,[tblOrderTrans]![ordmembact],Null)) & " - " &
Sum(IIf([tblOrderTrans]![ordmembact]=7,[tblOrderTrans]![ordvalue],0)) AS [Act
7 Orders]
FROM tblOrderTrans
WHERE (((tblOrderTrans.ordprodgrp)<>"Z"))
GROUP BY tblOrderTrans.clubno;

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