automatic selection of pages of tabcontrol

automatic selection of pages of tabcontrol

Post by Debonai » Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:10:53

Hello hofer:<br><br>The visibility of a contol can be modified at run time. For example, in your application, you may want to wire a case sequence to your button and if the result is "True", you can do any of the following.<br><br>1] Create a property node for the control/indicator that you want to disappear, then select "Visible", then change it to "Write", then wire a "False" constant to its input to make this invisible.<br>2] You can make the whole page of a tab control on its property node. First, create a property node for the said tab control, then set it to "Pages", then connect the output of the property to an "Index Array". The output of the "Index Array" is a control reference, and therefore, you can wire it to a property node. In this property node, you can select the property "Visible", then change it to "Write", then wire a "False" constant to its input to make the page invisible.<br><br>Please tell me if any of these is appropriate for your application, so that I can explain it to you in a much clearer manner.

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