How to build Vis in NI_AALbase.lvlib to my Stand-alone application?

How to build Vis in NI_AALbase.lvlib to my Stand-alone application?

Post by StephenXia » Sat, 05 Apr 2008 13:40:08

Hi, everybody.
I met some problems while building the subVis of NI_AALbase.lvlib and NI_AALPro.lvlib into my stand-alone application.
I use Labview 8.2 professional version and Windows xp OS.
While I build the system contained example "Peak detection and" into stand-alone application, it succeeded in the local computer,and the exe program run correctly.
Then I move the generated application files to another computer, where only the run-time engine 8.2  was installed.  However, some errors
appeared during the running. The error message is "unable to load the front panel, error in loading 'NI_AALPro.lvlib:Peak'  "
It seems the "Peak detector" subvi in NI_AALPro.lvlib can not be found. Similar problems happened with the subvis in NI_AALbase.lvlib.
I use the default configuration for Application Builder.  I donot know how to configure the Application Builder.
Could you help me  to solve the problems?
Thank you.

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