My Application gets Error 37 when using Serial Port VIs.

My Application gets Error 37 when using Serial Port VIs.

Post by Thomas W » Thu, 09 Dec 2004 17:10:30

>Did you actually replace the old serial functions that come with 7.1 with the functions from 6.1?<br>Yes. E.g. "open serial" uses "open device" with "serpdrv" as device string.<br><br>I had the same problem running my application as VI. After the copy of serpdrv into the LV 7.1 directory everything works fine.<br>I don understand why the application running as a .exe doesn find the serpdrv when it is in the same directory....<br><br>Nevertheless many thanks for your answer<br>Thomas

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I am trying to get the COM port resources values (such as I/O Range) as
given in Device Manager->Ports (COM & LPT)->Communication Port->(right click
& get)->Properties Page. On this Properties page we get Resources tab at the
last. In this tab, we find "Resource Settings". In this we have "I/O Range".
For COM1 generally it is shown as "03F8 - 03FF".
I would like to know which Windows DDK API (like SetupDi, CM_ calls) or SDK
API provides a means to obtain this information programmatically?
Please guide.
Thanks in advance.

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