LV DSC 7.1 code

LV DSC 7.1 code

Post by akhileshja » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:10:39

Labview DSC 7.1 servers, developed and registered in administrator user account of windows 2000, runs successfully in same user account. However DSC engine shows error, when same code is run on any other user account, without administrator privileges. Most of the time error comes while registering servers. Servers are simply vi acquring data from DAQ boards in the PC.
Platform: Windows 2000 on Intel P4 machine
LV DSC ver: 7.1

LV DSC 7.1 code

Post by Khali » Wed, 07 Dec 2005 15:40:52

All I can say is there have been some issues with Win2K and CCDB and the non-Admin account.  You may want to search NI's site with these keywords. 


LV DSC 7.1 code

Post by Avi Harjan » Fri, 09 Dec 2005 00:40:53

Greetings !

  You are using 7.1 version and there is no known issue in that version.

1) What is the error you are seeing

2) Did you make sure to register the computer

    1. Log into DSC under non-Administrative privileges
2. Open the Tag Monitor 3. Right-click the Network Neighborhood node
and select Register Computer 4. Enter a computer name and click the
Register Computer button.

3) Do you have the DSC development or the run time. Please refer -

Hope this helps
Thanks much and Good Luck
Avi Harjani