Crash in 7.1 with Shift-drag of icon

Crash in 7.1 with Shift-drag of icon

Post by idee » Sun, 08 Aug 2004 03:45:34

The following steps cause a crash every time on my WinXP box:

1) Create a new, blank VI.

2) Drag any non-Express subVI (e.g., Trim Whitespace from the
Additional String Functions palette) onto your block diagram.

3) Double-click on the subVI and change some of the values on its
front panel (e.g., choose a different Location option on the Trim
Whitespace panel).

4) Shift-drag the icon from the subVI's front panel to the subVI's
icon on your block diagram. This is supposed to cause LabVIEW to drop
constants onto your VI's diagram.

5) LabVIEW crashes with an access violation at address 0xC0000005.

This fails with every VI I have tried, including both NI's and my own.
I have never seen Shift-drag succeed in 7.1, and I have never seen it
fail in any older version.

Crash in 7.1 with Shift-drag of icon

Post by Nanc » Sun, 08 Aug 2004 04:33:44

Thanks for notifying us this problem. I have reported it to the
Engineers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

At the mean time, I found that for step 4 described above, if you do
not drag the icon to the existing submenu icon, LV won't crash, and LV
will create constant for you as well. Maybe this is a workaround for

Also, you can open a VI from the palette directly.
1. Pin the palette that has the VI you want.
2. Right click on the VI icon on the palette.
3. Select "Open VI". LV will open it for you without dropping it to
the diagram of another VI.

Hope this helps.