Bug in LV 7.1's handling of double-click events.

Bug in LV 7.1's handling of double-click events.

Post by Rob Calhou » Thu, 29 Sep 2005 01:10:45

NI Support,
In my application, user selects item from a listbox with a button or a double-click. Desired behavior is for the listbox to advance to the next item (mod array length) after button press or double-click. Labview processes the button press correctly, but the double-click is handled incorrectly, as follows:
Labview catches the double-click event and passes to my application for processing. I process the event and advance the list. Labview then throws a second untrappable event that "selects" an item in the listbox based on the original double-click location. Since this processed after I have already completely my response to the double click, it has the effect of undoing my advance. Workaround is to add a few hundred ms of delay before acting on the double-click event.
The attached VI illustrates the problem.
By the way, it frosts me that I cannot mail applications engineering directly without an active support contract when filing bug reports. Filing bugs is not requesting support; it is helping NI make LabView better. It takes time to rewrite a malfunctioning VI in a way suitable for submission to NI as a bug report.
Sincerely yours,
Rob Calhoun



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I use the #region in my code to attempt to partition the code so that it is
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things like Drag/Drop in which there could be 3 or 4 events that handle the
overall functionallity.

Now what I am wondering (since I have not been able to find a way to do it),
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If not I will enter this request in Connect as a possible upgrade for the
next version of VS.


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