DSC module 7.1 labview 7.1, new controls and functions not showing up in labview

DSC module 7.1 labview 7.1, new controls and functions not showing up in labview

Post by marcel » Thu, 24 Mar 2005 16:48:08

Dear Reader,

I have installed labview 7.10 (also tried update to 7.11)
and DSC module 7.1

I thought I would get additional functions and controls in labview due
to installation of this module, but I do not see addtional controls or
functions, althought I have searched for them and set the controls to
"advance" etc.

Anyone any idea what I have to do.

thanks and regards.

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Hi Kalina,
altenbach already gave you the correct answer and I am really sorry there is not much we can do at this point. However, if you have any other problems upgrading VIs from one LabVIEW versions to another, feel free to contact us. Simply make sure you have the block diagrams (i.e. the brain of your programs). As a general rule, it is good to mass compile your directory of old VIs, so that they are properly updated to the new version and all subVIs (if any) are relinked. To mass compile, click on Toolsdvancedass Compile.
Hope that helps!

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