Are there any drivers for Pocket PC and NI USB-6008 available?

Are there any drivers for Pocket PC and NI USB-6008 available?

Post by Inquisitiv » Wed, 18 Jan 2006 22:10:49

Hello everybody,
I alraedy read that there are no drivers for Pocket PC available to communicate with NI USB-6008 or other USB devices using LabView PDA Module. The reason is that most Pocket PCs have no USB host functionality. It's a pity, because I'm using a e800 Toshiba PDA that provides USB host functionality.
Furthermore I'm already using several NI USB-6008/6009 within applications developed with LabWindows and I would rather reuse these devices than byuing new ones like NI CF-6004. Perhaps NI offers a driver for Pocket PC - that would be nice.
Does anybody share my opinion or have some suitable solutions?
Thanks in advance.

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I am trying to outputting data with NI USB-6008 analog
output channel, however I am facing problem everytime i
run the program.

my program is as below:

ao = analogoutput('nidaq','Dev1');

???analog output subsystem of this device does not support
clocked generation, must use PUTSAMPLE to output data.

while I change the PUTDATA to PUTSAMPLE command, another
error will shown

???only 1 sample per channel can be output

I am wondering how to settle the above problems, however I
couldn't find out a solution. Could any one help on this?
Besides that, i would like to have a simple program that
can be used to output data to analog output channel.

Thank a lot...


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