Problems making a stand-alone application using USB-6008

Problems making a stand-alone application using USB-6008

Post by S. Hora » Fri, 25 Apr 2008 01:10:06

Problem Description :

I am trying to build a stand alone application using the USB-6008 as the ADC for the system.  Actually, I have two of them running in parallel to give me 16 channels.

The target CPU is an Athena II (a Pentium II running at 500 MHz with a 4 GB flash drive as the hard drive).

I have been unable to achieve a successful stand-alone application build.

Steps followed:

1 - make the .exe in the LabVIEW project builder.

2 - make an installer for the target system.  I have checked the following additional installers: LabVIEW Run Time Engine 8.2; NI-DAQmx 8.3; NI-IMAQ 3.7; NI-VISA Runtime 4.0.

The LabVIEW application is being developed on an identical CPU to the target system.  The only difference is that the development system has a 16 GB hard drive and the LabVIEW 8.2 FDS installed.  On the development system, everything works fine.

I even went back and removed all of the stand-alone installation components on the target system and started over by (1) installing the drivers that came with the USB-6008 and then reloading the install for the application over this.


When I plug the 6008 into the USB port, the test panel for Dev 1 is usable and automatically comes up.  I cannot seem to get to the test panel for Dev 2 (they are both plugged in at the same time due to the USB plug configuration on the Athena).

I tried accessing the devices using MAX on the target system.  However, MAX goes away on the target system as soon as I try to investigate the Devices and Interfaces menu.  I even did a refresh within MAX on the target system but it will not behave.  On the development system, MAX works as expected.

Bottom line: am I including the proper installers to address the problem with the USB6007 or am I missing something here?

Steve Horan


NI Software :  LabVIEW  version 8.2

NI Hardware :  Multifunction DAQ device USB-6008 Driver Version :  Presently unknown OS :  Windows 2000 Customer Information :


Stephen Horan

New Mexico State University


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Problems making a stand-alone application using USB-6008

Post by Chris_ » Sat, 26 Apr 2008 03:40:12

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