linker.cpp line 1926

linker.cpp line 1926

Post by Joche » Wed, 24 Aug 2005 20:10:38

Are you using LV 7.0? In this case this problem might be
caused by a bug in the LV 7.0 runtime engine when calling templates
that contain express vis. The easiest workaround would be to upgrade to
LV 7.1.1. If this is not possible for some reason here are some more
potential workarounds:

- Take all the express VIs that are
inside the template VI and turn them into static subVIs. You can do
this by right-clicking on the express VI and selecting "Open Front
Panel"; then save the express VI as a normal subVI.

- Build the entire application into a single executable, which will force all of the express VIs to get compiled as static subVIs.

- Don't use the runtime engine at all and always run your application in development mode.

I hope that helps,

Jochen Klier
National Instruments Germany

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