Can anyone convert this LV 4.0.2 VI to 7.1?

Can anyone convert this LV 4.0.2 VI to 7.1?

Post by wv » Sat, 24 Dec 2005 04:11:15

This VI is part of a driver for a Fluke 2640/2645A (NetDAQ)

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I compiled a VI in LV7.1 under Win2000 SP2. This VI includes
"", which is part of Baseanly.llb in Vi.lib. I included LVRT in
the compile. When I installed the EXE on a laptop (Win XP sp1), which
had never had LV7.1 installed, the EXE was broken. When I clicked the
broken arrow, the message was "Cant find". However, if I open
a file in the EXE's Data.llb (using the broken VI's File/Open), I can
find and open When I then try to run this, it says a
component is missing. It turns out that makes a call to
Ivanlys.*, which presume is Ivanlys.dll (in \PF\NI\LV71.\Resource.

Suspecting that AppBuilder had missed this dll, I tried adding it as a
support file. AB wont allow this. I then tried copying this dll to the
new laptop \Windows\System32 folder, and to the installed LV EXE
folder. Still no good. Finally, in desperation, I installed LV7.1 full
dev system on the new laptop, and now the EXE runs fine.

I suspect that LVRT is not registering and/or installing the dll
correctly. How do I fix this problem?

As an aside, it would help it the Exe gave a better diagnostic, like
telling one which dll is missing, instead of merely saying, cant find (while in fact the VI was really present).

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