Valve control - user controlled, then self controlled

Valve control - user controlled, then self controlled

Post by Jmc00 » Fri, 04 Aug 2006 11:40:06

Hello, I am still trying to figure out a method of controlling a discharge valve for compressor testing.  The valve is controlled by a slider, but when it hits a certain point of being closed, the compressor surges.  At that surge point, I want the user to click a button, and then have the valve slowly open while the data is being sent to a file.  This way, the data is recorded and the valve opens to prevent damage to the compressor all at the click of one button.  I have the VI up and running, all except for the opening part of the valve.  I have included a simple example of where I am going with the valve control.  Any advice would be appreciated, for then I can implement that code for the valve opening into the rest of my programming.
Thank you,


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Hello all,
I have an textbox (named txtHidden) and an HtmlButton(named
btnAction). I wanted to write a javascript function which will get called
when the btnAction is clicked. The function is as follows

function HideText()
document.all.item("txtHidden").style.visibility = "hidden";

This function works fine when i run it in an page.
The problem is that it doesn't work inside a user control. i.e. lets say i
place the two controls and the javascript to work on them, in a user
control(say MyUC), then the statement document.all.item("txtHidden") does
not return anything.

After a bit of effort i've been able to identify that when a user control is
placed on a page,, while rendering the page appends all the child
control of a user control with the client id of the user control to avoid
naming conflicts. So after the page is rendered the id of "txtHidden" is
changed to "myUC1_txtHidden".
Since at the design time of UC we dont know the ClientID of the user
controls, therefore this makes it impossble to write javascripts in a user
control, which is exactly what i want to do.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Faizan Ahmed

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