Sound capture weird problem

Sound capture weird problem

Post by Miko » Sat, 14 Jan 2006 23:17:50


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also, so sorry for a little crossposting).

I'm developing a voice messenger and I've come across a strange problem.
The application records and plays sound using WMME. During testing I
found that a few computers posess a strange feature (bug)? In the system
mixer I set a microphone as the one and only input source, and I mute
all the output sources except wave-out. Everything works fine (sound
from mic is captured), but when I unplug the microphone the sound card
automagically starts to capture wave-out signal (like
"record-what-you-hear" option) although mixer settings stay untouched.

Could that be a sound card drive's feature (card detects whether a
microphone is plugged in and if not input source is switched) or mayby
it's some kind of bug? Maybe somone encountered a simillar phenomenon?


Sound capture weird problem

Post by Chris P. [ » Sat, 14 Jan 2006 23:46:09

Sound like a sound card "feature". I had a similar experience with a
particular on-board sound device that auto-detected anytime anything was
plugged or un-plugged.