Microsoft Office Access 97 DB question

Microsoft Office Access 97 DB question

Post by Bev Ferraz » Fri, 26 Aug 2005 23:00:25

Microsoft Office Access 97 problem. At work, A database was somehow lost
this week. This database contains ALL of 2005 records that we use every day
all day.

The person working said that it did NOT ask to delete. Nor did it ask to
"name" it. So I am not sure if it is gone or renamed.

At the time she had it open and was on "tables" sorting alphabetically to
print the list. She was resizing the columns so it would fit on the pages

I have done a couple of system restores, I have searched for files changed
on that day to no success.

Please advise as to whether or not it is possible to recover this database.
I have found out that it is stored as db1, but can't find db1.

Thank you!!!

Bev Ferrazzi